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“Green” construction starts with insulating concrete forms from ARXX

Today, construction materials must be more than just cost-efficient and functional. They must also contribute to energy efficiency and do a better job of noise reduction.

There is one supplier in the industry that has been offering these kinds of materials since 1978. The company is ARXX, and the product they have to offer the construction industry is called insulating concrete forms or ICFs.

These modular interlocking blocks have numerous functional and aesthetic advantages. These ARXX materials and products have won numerous awards for their energy efficiency from organizations like US Green Building Council, AIA, ICF Builder magazine, NAHB, and the ICF Association.

Why are insulating concrete forms more efficient?

There are so many characteristics of insulating concrete forms or ICFs that make them a better choice than traditional construction materials. These ICFs snap into place easily so that concrete can be poured.

ICFs take the place of five different construction phases: sound barriers, insulation, vapour and air barriers, structure, and fastening strips.

These solid insulating concrete forms provide excellent insulating qualities, which in turn keeps the building airtight and results in reduced heating costs. This, of course, is also good for the environment.

Insulating concrete forms also provide excellent sound insulation, and they’re more fire retardant than other materials. You get improved air quality and less variation of temperature with insulating concrete forms.

One of the main reasons to use insulating concrete forms is to save money and increase profits. Builders who use ICFs will improve their reputations in the industry, increasing their chances of getting future contracts. Also, lower costs come from less expensive but higher quality materials and faster construction time.

The products from ARXX also support green building objectives for things like LEED projects (LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). These projects are easily realized with the excellent products from ARXX.

The LEED rating system, first developed in the United States and later adopted in Canada, is the industry standard for rating the environmental sustainability of a building.

This company has been supplying insulating concrete forms for many award-winning buildings across North America. These buildings are more efficient and cost less to operate. Cooling costs are lower in the summer and heating costs lower in winter. Check for examples of buildings that have proved to be less expensive because they use insulating concrete forms.

Also, insulating concrete forms from ARXX are more resistant to mould and mildew. They prevent pollutants from outside from penetrating and reducing indoor air quality.

ARXX also provides the best technical support by having architectural design experts and structural engineering experts available for consultation by phone or email. You can also register for ICF in-person training.

ARXX has more than 100,000 projects completed and under construction. They also have trained more than 35,000 installers.

Featured Project

Burgess Residence


Built amidst a beautiful backdrop in Terrebone Oregon, this stunning residence received the Excellence in Concrete Award for Medium Residential construction.  ARXX Prime was selected for this job for it's energy efficiency and it's ability to easily work with exterior finishes.

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