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ARXX ICFs are energy-efficient building materials that offer a unique solution and value proposition. ARXX ICFs are a flexible building system for structural walls that are strong, durable, quick to build, limitless in design possibilities and are highly energy-efficient. In fact, wall assemblies built using ARXX ICF technology reduce the scale of HVAC equipment required to heat and cool the structure. Smaller heating and cooling equipment needed for an energy-efficient house can cut construction costs by an estimated $500 - $2,000.

The greater insulation, tighter construction and temperature-smoothing mass of the ARXX wall assembly conserve heating and cooling energy much better than conventionally framed walls. This reduces monthly heating and cooling bills and in regions where the differences in temperature are greatest between winter and summer, the energy savings are even more dramatic. Houses built with ARXX walls require an estimated forty four percent less energy to heat and thirty-two percent less energy to cool than comparable wood frame houses representing a highly energy-efficient building system.

It is estimated that many houses can lose thirty percent of their energy through unsealed gaps at the sill plate. It is estimated that between fifty and seventy percent of all energy consumed by a homeowner is to heat and cool the house. ICF technology uniquely provides a superior building envelope compared to conventional construction methods and offers homeowners an affordable energy-efficient alternative to conventional construction. In addition, the wall assembly adds structural integrity that would be difficult to obtain in a conventional concrete wall, as the insulated environment of the ICF wall facilitates a concrete cure up to twenty-five percent stronger.

Featured Project

Burgess Residence


Built amidst a beautiful backdrop in Terrebone Oregon, this stunning residence received the Excellence in Concrete Award for Medium Residential construction.  ARXX Prime was selected for this job for it's energy efficiency and it's ability to easily work with exterior finishes.

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