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Save Time and Money Building Demising Walls


ARXX Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are a demising wall solution that saves time, reduces labor and materials, and provides a load bearing wall with up to a 4-hour fire rating and up to a minimum STC rating of 50. Building demising walls using conventional construction methods can be time consuming and costly. And for occupants, the demising wall is a big part of how comfortable the space is. In multi-unit structures, double stud or concrete masonry units (CMU) walls with additional framing are required to achieve the necessary fire and STC rating to meet code and ensure a safe, comfortable and noise free environment for occupants. With ARXX ICFs, the job is easier, faster, cheaper and better.

ARXX ICFs are a stay-in-place concrete forming system for reinforced concrete walls. ARXX forms are lightweight and easily stack together to form the wall system. Add rebar and concrete and the result is a demising wall that not only meets, but exceeds code for fire, sound, and structural elements. The result is not only better, it costs less.

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Save Time, Save Money and Maximize Living Space.

Double stud construction requires more materials and constructions steps than ARXX. In addition to the extra time required to frame the walls, heavy, expensive and hard-to-work-with Type X 5/8” gypsum board is also required to meet the minimum 1 hour fire resistance code requirement. The additional labor, material and construction steps add to the overall project cost and can still result in sound transmission issues at the floor connection points. With an ARXX demising wall using 6" concrete cores, regular 1/2" gypsum board can be used and the ARXX wall assembly has a 4 hour fire rating with STC ratings of over 50.

Demising walls built with CMU are labor intensive and often result in less interior living space once the stud framing, insulation and gypsum board is applied. The resulting wall width is approximately 14 inches, reducing the amount of interior space. Less interior space equals less rental income or less saleable square footage.

Building demising walls with ARXX ICFs makes sense.

Fewer Construction Steps Saves Time and Money.

ARXX ICFs are easy to learn to build with, cost effective and practical. One of the key benefits of ARXX technology is the combination of five construction steps that reduce time and labor on the job. ARXX forms are lightweight and easy to handle allowing for a smaller crew to build, while maintaining speed and efficiency. An ARXX ICF demising wall provides the structural element, insulation, air and vapour barrier, sound barrier and fastenings strips in one step, reducing the amount of materials and labor required to construct the demising wall, making ARXX the faster and easier choice for building.

Strength, Flexibility and Thermal Efficiency.

A finished ARXX wall is also a structural load bearing wall, on average 25% stronger than conventional concrete walls. The technology of an ARXX wall assembly is highly energy efficient and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs as well as moderating the transfer of temperature between units through the common wall. An ARXX demising wall also allows for easy connection of multiple types of floor systems. The load bearing strength works well for pre-cast or poured floor systems and works just as easily with hanging floor systems. The properties of ARXX ICFs also make it easy to reduce sound transmission issues that often occur at the floor system connection point.

Up To Four Hours Fire Resistance.

ARXX ICFs with a 6" concrete core provide 4-hour fire resistance rating that exceeds the code minimum of 1 hour for demising walls, without the need for multiple layers of expensive and cumbersome Type X gypsum board. A 4-hour rating helps protect occupants and property, An ARXX ICF demising wall reduces the risk of fire spreading and minimizes the risk of structural collapse.

Superior Sound Attenuation.

Sound transmission can be one of the most difficult and costly issues to address when building a demising wall. Sound dampening gypsum is expensive and hard to work with. An ARXX ICF demising wall provides up to an STC rating of 50, meeting the code requirement. It’s that simple. No additional framing or insulation materials are required to achieve code and ensure occupant satisfaction. Thousands of multiplex theatres, hotels, schools, residential multi-unit and commercial condos use ARXX walls for just that reason.

Install Electrical with Ease and Add Value.

Depending on the type of conventional construction used to build a demising wall, adding electrical outlets isn’t always an option. For example unless 2 x 4 framing is added to a CMU wall, there’s no safe way to run electrical wiring, and this can mean more time, material and added costs. Demising walls built with ARXX ICFs are electrical ready. The EPS insulation allows for electrical wiring chases to be run using a hot knife, router or chainsaw with depth gauge. The option of adding electrical to a demising wall adds value and design options to the completed units.

An Innovative Solution that Saves Even More.

Only ARXX offers an ICF with a 5 inch concrete core, providing some of same key benefits, but requiring 16% less concrete, which saves even more money. Using a 5" concrete core with taper top blocks will provide 9" of overall bearing allowing for 4" bearing of precast floors on each side while maintaining a 1" gap for continuity of rebar. The ARXX Edge product line is available in 4", 5", 6", 8" concrete cores all the way to 24" in one inch increments. ARXX Prime are available in 4", 6", 8" and 10" concrete cores. Regardless of the concrete core size requirement for a demising wall, ARXX has the right solution.

Start building demising walls that meet code and make sense. 

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