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ARXX Steel ICFs are designed for a wide range of projects and the ARXX Steel Waffle Grid reduces concrete use by 25% in residential applications. ARXX Steel ICFs are built with galvanized steel webs and offer a 24” flat wall and a 16” waffle grid solution.

Features include:

  • Unique galvanized steel webs
  • 24” high flat wall panels speed up installation
  • Waffle grid form reduces concrete use by 25%
  • Recessed furring strips simplify stucco applications
  • 6" and 8" core options 

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ARXX 45 and 90 degree panel connectors: click here for information on a cost effective and flexible field solution for solving unique corner situations, T-Walls and pilaster applications.

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Featured Project

Bannock Animal Hospital

When building a medical facility, controlled temperature and indoor air quality are a high priority.  ARXX Edge ICFs allowed the owner to achieve both while keeping costs down.  The Bannock Animal Hospital's design involved a hexagonal shaped front room and T-walls to form an 8'x8' kennel room.  ARXX Edge 45° forms were used to quickly construct the hexagon front room and 90° connectors made the T-walls easy to construct. 

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