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ARXX has multiple high-performance product lines to fit every application:


ARXX Edge ICFs are assemble-on-site blocks used to build walls with a 4” to 24” or more, concrete core, allowing for maximum design flexibility. The unique snap in connectors allow the blocks to be assembled on-site, taking up less space and providing savings on shipping and storage costs. ARXX Edge ICFs are particularly well-suited for commercial projects, especially with tall or very thick walls, or for projects in remote locations.

ARXX Prime

ARXX Prime ICFs are pre-assembled blocks used to build walls with nominal 6”, 8” or 10” concrete cores. Our unique patented ‘exposed web allows for simple and easy attachment of interior or exterior finishes. ARXX Prime ICFs are designed for a wide range of projects and building applications and have multiple award-winning success stories to demonstrate their flexibility and easy-of-use.

ARXX Steel

ARXX Steel ICFs are pre-assembled blocks with a galvanized steel web design and are available as both a flat wall and waffle grid form. ARXX Steel is designed for a wide range of projects and the ARXX Steel Waffle Grid reduces concrete use by 25% in residential building applications. ARXX Steel ICFs offer a 24” high flat wall and a 16” high waffle grid solution.

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Introducing reFIT by ARXX. The new fast, easy, energy-efficient way to finish and insulate basements.


reFIT is the latest product innovation from ARXX  - a patented easy-to-install basement finishing system.  Installation requires fewer steps, less time, less labor and less material to finish an energy efficient basement than conventional construction.

Save time. Save money.

Heating and cooling a home counts for 50 -70% on average of the energy used in the home. Insulating a home is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gases and save on the cost of home ownership.

Visit to learn more about reFIT by ARXX.

Featured Project

Forest Baptist Church

10,000sf church addition. Designed for energy savings and speed of construction. 26' high walls built in one continuous pour. Contractor has used ARXX multiple times, including for Mady residence, winner of an ICF Builder award. Distributor has supported multiple ARXX projects.

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