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Privacy policy - committed to and respectful of your privacy.

At ARXX Corporation we respect and protect your privacy. This means that:

  • With your consent, we will gather only the minimum personal information necessary to provide you with current information about our products and services, and to provide you with fast, reliable service if you decide to purchase from us.
  • We will not sell, exchange, loan, or make available to other companies any personal information that you have provided to us.
  • We will keep all personal information confidential, and we will have safeguards to protect that information whether it is in print, electronic or other form.
  • We will make available to you, upon request, your personal information that we have on file, and we will correct, amend or delete information at your request.

Personal information

In order to serve our customers with the right materials at the right levels, delivered to the right address, and to ensure that the financial relationship is correct and current, we need to have certain basic personal information on file.

Personal information is the information we have that relates to you, our customer, as an individual. Personal information, beyond your name and contact information may include any or all of the following: a record of your purchases and payment method, alternate contact information and your account number.

We will only request information from you that relates directly to the products or services we are providing to you, and we will keep that information active only as long as the uses for which it has been collected are relevant to your needs or as required by law.


We must obtain the consent of anyone whose name may be retained in our records to receive products or information. If a customer sends in an order or a form requesting our products or services, we accept that as implied consent. If we need information beyond that which the customer has indicated (in conducting a survey, for instance), we will request the explicit consent of the customer either verbally or in writing.

The customer can at any time withdraw consent to receive further information or products. We will then remove the customer’s name as quickly as possible. From time to time we may acquire from outside companies lists of customers who have consented to receive information. It may sometimes occur that a name that we have deleted on request from our files may appear on one of the lists we have acquired. In such a case the customer may request another deletion.

Employee commitment

Our employees are committed to respecting the personal information we hold in our files.

Limitations on use

We will not use your personal information for any purposes, other than those outlined above, unless we have asked your permission and have received your consent. We will remove or destroy personal information when it is no longer relevant for the uses for which it was gathered. We will delete your name from our mailing list following the receipt of your request by letter, fax, email or phone.

Retention of information

We will not retain personal information indefinitely. Generally a name is retained for two years after it has become inactive. Files are then destroyed or deleted, except for those on data tapes and financial records, which, in accordance with the law, have to be archived for seven years. Archived information is not accessed or used for operational or marketing purposes.


All information held by us is subject to strict internal security to prevent unauthorized access and improper usage. Electronic records are subject to limited access by authorized personnel who must use passwords and other security measures. Print records of personal information are subject to physical protection such as locked rooms or cabinets, accessible only to authorized personnel.

Access to information

As our customer, you have a right to know what information we are holding with respect to you, and you have the right to ensure that it is accurate. On request, we will arrange to supply you with a printout of our files relating to your information. If you wish to verify your information, please write to the Privacy Administrator, ARXX Corporation, 800 Division Street, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, K9A 5V2. If you find errors or omissions, we will be pleased to make corrections.


When you visit our website, we take steps to respect and protect your privacy. We do not use cookies to gather information. We do collect selected visitor information such as IP addresses, return visits from past guests, referring pages, pages visited, and time spent on the website. We collect such non-personally identifiable information in order to: obtain statistical analysis of Web page traffic patterns for our Website, administer our Website and servers, allow for auditing of our services by third parties, and to improve our services. We collect data in aggregate form, and data is not recorded or stored about individual visitors.

Questions or comments

We will do our best to resolve any questions or comments you may have. Please email, or write to:

Privacy Administrator, ARXX Corporation:
800 Division Street
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
K9A 5V2.

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