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ARXX projects save energy costs and are more comfortable, quieter, greener and stronger than many other construction approaches. Click here to see results of the energy savings study for ARXX ICF houses.

In addition, they are often less expensive to build than comparable high-quality construction.


CalculatorTo help determine your project cost, you can use our simple online material calculator to estimate the material quantities for your project, or, for more options, you can download free ARXX Material Estimating Program. The Material Estimating Program provides material estimates for ARXX ICF forms, accessories and complimentary materials such as concrete, reinforcement, waterproofing, parging, alignment, opening buck materials and man hour labor rates.  Click here to access the Material Estimating Program.


Contact us at 1.800.293.3210 for more information. We would be happy to share project comparisons and success stories.


Featured Project

Northside Aztlan Community Center

The $8.6 million Northside Aztlan Community Center was the first LEED Gold community center in the United States.  Building with ARXX ICFs provided 5 of the available 10 points for energy performance.  The average wall system typically receives 2 - 3 points in this area which further demonstrates the energy efficiency provided by ARXX ICFs.  The total energy savings of this project are documented at 31%.

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