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ARXX Technical Bulletins


ARXX Product

  6”, 8” Exposed Web Prime Standard and 90° Forms –
          Details on the ARXX prime forms and innovative web design made with 100% recycled material.

  Form Size and Coverage, Concrete Volumes –
           Tables on form sizes, how to calculate number of blocks and concrete quantities.

  ARXX Claw -
           The ARXX Claw is a wire tie for the efficient use in connecting ARXX forms horizontally.

  ARXX Hook -
           The ARXX Hook is a wire tie for the efficient use in connecting ARXX forms vertically.

  ARXX Lok -
            ARXX LOK is a wire product recommended for insertion in ICFs providing a straightening and stiffening             function along the bottom and top of the wall for the full length of each wall segment.

  ARXX 90º Panel Connector -
           The ARXX 90º Panel Connector provides a versatile corner solution when building with ARXX ICFs, allowing             for the easy construction of corners, T-Walls, columns and pilasters. 

  ARXX Prime Corner Furring Tab -
           ARXX corner forms have a built in attachment for fastening exterior finishes.

   ARXX ICF Products Care and Handling -
           Packaging information, warehouse storage, site storage, handling and recycling guidelines.


ARXX Installation / Applications

  Interior Finishes -
          Building codes requirements for thermal barriers, which in the case of ARXX ICF is typically ½” gypsum           board or equivalent material.

  Electrical Installation -
           Installation of electrical services in an ARXX ICF wall.

   Plumbing, Piping and Mechanical Services -
           Installation of electrical services in an ARXX ICF wall.

   Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) -
           Summary of ARXX ICF contribution to the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) accreditation.


ARXX Structural Information

  Structural Design of ARXX ICF -
           A short overview of engineering design methods used for ARXX ICFs.

  Consolidation of Concrete -
           A short overview of engineering design methods used for ARXX ICFs.

  Cold Weather Concrete Placement -
           Summary of the placement of concrete in ARXX ICFs in cold weather conditions.

  IRC Alternative Reinforcement Tables for Below Grade Walls -
           Summary conversion table of reinforcement's size and spacing requirements. The table provides designer            with option to use whichever reinforcement bar and spacing is most efficient for the installer.


ARXX Environmental

  Subterranean Termite Control –
           Overview and best practice guide on building with ICFs in very heavy termite infestation areas as defined by             the ICC-IRC building codes.

   Carpenter Ants -
             Overview and best practice guide on building and maintaining ICFs structures in areas susceptible to               carpenter ants infestation.


ARXX Estimating

  Estimating Formulas –
           A short overview of estimating formulas used for ARXX ICFs.

  Estimating Man Hour Rates –
           A guide to calculate the approximate man hours/gross ft.² for an ARXX ICF wall.

   Estimating ARXX Edge Wide Walls –
           A guide to provide conversion factors to allow the material quantities from the estimating program to be used            for wider (over 10") wall core thickness.


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Featured Project

Chidley North Residence Hall

According to the project architect, ICFs were specified on this project quite simply for stewardship reasons including reducing materials, labor and energy usage. Using ARXX ICFs for the building envelope helped reduce the size of HVAC equipment required.  This move was also encouraged by a recent law in North Carolina which requires all state-funded building designs over 20,000 sq ft. to undergo Life Cycle Cost Analysis. The purpose of the law is to ensure that such buildings exceed ASHRAE 90.1 2004 energy efficiency standards by 20% for buildings constructed through calendar year 2010, and 30% through calendar year 2015.  When completed, this project will also be LEED Silver certified.

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