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Designing and building with ARXX ICFs is a superior, proven way to deliver substantial savings in the operating costs of ownership for your institutional, commercial, industrial and residential clients. Building an energy-efficient structure is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Building codes are evolving to address energy efficient construction and green building mandates are emerging across North America within towns, cities, states, provinces and at a national level within federal agencies. Along with providing higher structural performance and greater comfort, designing with ARXX ICF products gives you a highly cost-effective way to earn LEED certification and deliver a green building project. Better yet, structures built with ARXX ICFs are up to 25% stronger than other concrete walls due to the manner of curing of the concrete within the insulated panels. The high structural performance of ARXX ICFs helps buildings withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados, making them an ideal wall system for high-risk geographies. An ARXX insulated mass wall reduces noise, provides multi-hour fire resistance and more comfortable, stable indoor temperatures, a combination well suited to hotels, multi-unit demising walls, theatres, hotels, schools and churches. Resistance to mold, mildew and pests add to the quality of indoor air in an ARXX structure.

LEED Contribution

ARXX ICFs have many benefits that can enable, enhance or directly contribute LEED credits to projects, making it an ideal choice for green building in both the United States and Canada. The emphasis within LEED v3 on Energy & Atmosphere make an ARXX insulating concrete form wall assembly a key element when looking to optimize LEED points. From LEED Certified to LEED Platinum, ARXX ICFs can help you get there. The actual LEED point contribution is project specific and should be determined by a LEED Accredited Professional for each project seeking LEED accreditation.

Critical performance in any location

ARXX insulating concrete forms allow you to deliver critical performance regardless of terrain, climate, or environmental challenges. The value proposition of ARXX products is unique, combining green building benefits with lower cost to operate and superior structural performance. ARXX ICF products reduce the energy required to heat or cool buildings making them a lower cost option for the life of the project regardless of climate zone. On average, ICF structures require 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool. This facilitates the scaling of HVAC systems reducing up front capital costs. But that’s not all.

The unique physical properties of the ICF wall assembly means that it can meet the most stringent design requirements for the highest seismic zones. ARXX ARXX ICF walls can also withstand hurricane and tornado force winds. ARXX has all major code approvals including Miami Dade County High Velocity Hurricane Zone. Independent tests simulating wind-borne debris resulting from a 250 mph wind demonstrated that ARXX ICF walls are impenetrable and remain undamaged by the force of impact.  ARXX ICFs meet the demanding requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for safe rooms and shelter performance standards.

The strength and structural characteristics of ARXX walls meet force protection design standards and meet the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and all US military services. The UFC was created to unify all technical criteria and standards pertaining to planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance of real property facilities. The DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings is part of the UFC and designing with ARXX ICFs can meet UFC, including Minimum Antiterrorism Standards as well as Design of Buildings to Resist Progressive Collapse. A building constructed with ARXX ICFs retains its structural integrity, thereby protecting the occupants of the building, even in extreme circumstances. Meeting these important criteria makes ARXX ICFs a good choice for construction of military buildings, including administrative facilities and housing as well as weapons and ammunition facilities. Having superior force protection and green, energy-efficient building capability combined in one product is rare. Being able to build it in a cost-effective manner with reduced costs of ownership over the life of the building is exceptional.       

Having good sound attenuation within buildings can contribute to the enjoyment of the space, expand design flexibility, but it can also increase costs using conventional construction methods. With ARXX insulating concrete form wall assemblies, superior sound attenuation is part of the inherent benefits of the product. With STC levels of 50, space can be designed for multiple uses and buildings can be insulated from exterior noise even when situated beside busy transportation sites like airports or highways.

No matter the project scope or location, ARXX ICFs deliver environmentally friendly buildings of any complexity.

Exceptional project support

ARXX supports you with unmatched project assistance, including design consultation with knowledgeable building science professionals. Working with ARXX will help position you and your firm as a leader in value-added, green, energy-efficient building solutions.


ARXX is the leader in Insulating Concrete Form construction – proven in over 105,000 commercial and residential projects for over 30 years. Extensive resources are available to ensure your project’s success, including a wide-ranging network of knowledgeable product distributors and over 35,000 trained installers. To see examples of LEED certified buildings, green office buildings and other institutional, commercial, industrial or residential green designs please visit our website project gallery.

Training: AIA and CEU credits

ARXX provides a one-hour ICF lunch and learn presentation.  To schedule a lunch and learn for your firm, simply email us at or call us at 800.293.3210.

We invite you to see our project gallery, schedule a one-hour ICF overview presentation for AIA CEU credit, and call us to get started.

Featured Project

Alta Vista Manor

The Alta Vista development is a retirement residence consisting of 218 resident rooms on 5 floors, plus an underground garage.  Each of the 14,500 sq. ft floors took only 4 weeks to complete, including the 5 days needed to place the pre-cast flooring.  The ARXX Edge walls provides exceptional noise reduction, which is important to the building owners and residents, as well as increases protection against fire and high winds.

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