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30 Years of Leadership

ARXX has been in the business of designing and marketing ICF building solutions since 1978 – more than 30 years.

The Top Choice by Customers
As the leader in the industry, we have more projects (over 105,000), square footage (over 140 million) and trained installers (over 35,000) than any other company, making us the solid, safe choice.

The Most Awards and Recognition
ARXX projects and their architects, contractors and owners continually receive industry recognition.

ARXX ICF products have contributed to over 30 LEED-certified projects (completed or in process), up through LEED Platinum; and have received numerous awards from the US Green Building Council, NAHB, AIA, ICF Builder magazine, and the ICF Association.

Helping Rebuild Communities and Making Cities Energy-Efficient
ARXX has also been recognized for contributing to the rebirth of Philadelphia’s affordable housing .

Active Contributor to National and Local Organizations
ARXX invests technical and management resources in multiple leading organizations, to share our building science expertise and techniques, and encourage the increased use of green, energy-efficient construction practices. We’re active with the USGBC, NAHB, ICF Association, EPS Association, and various construction and ready-mix groups around the U.S. and Canada. We also maintain strategic partnerships with leading firms like BASF, who have referred ARXX ICF products for use in multiple LEED projects.

Featured Project

The Mill Quarter

The Mill Quarter project is a beautiful residential condominium project in the heart of Bend, Oregon.  This 160 000 sq. ft project utilizes ARXX ICFs for the outer walls and demizing walls.  This ensures that STC requirements are met and the residents enjoy a quiet and peaceful home.  The design of the building includes large arch windows and a traditional red brick and stone finish.

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